We have been in business for over 16 years.  supplies solutions to your medical equipment and mobility needs. We have a professional experienced  staff that has the ability to make customer specific adaptations to solve all situations.

 We have available a full line of equipment to solve your needs whether it be in your house, in your pursuit of travel, sports, or leisure activities or at your workplace or school.

  • Braunability Certified Dealer
  • AHCCA State License Dealer
  • Quality Assurance Provider
  • ADA Provider
  • VA Provider
  • Vocational Rehab Provider
  • We Work With Worker's Comp Claims & Major Insurance

  has the answer for those of you who find it a challenge to get around with a wide selection of handicap accessible vans, scooters, power or manual  wheelchairs and walkers. We carry a full line of lifts and carriers for your vehicle to transport your scooter or power chair; as well as porch, stair, bath and pool lifts.

  welcomes you to be one of our customer. Our Customers Are Partners For Life!

 We are also proud members of Lakeland Chamber of Commerce